4 Ways To Deal With Uncomfortable Sleeping Positions When Using A CPAP Machine

A CPAP machine treats sleep-related breathing disorders and allows you to sleep at night safely. However, a CPAP machine is not the most comfortable for sleeping with. If you find yourself struggling to keep your mask on or get into a comfortable sleeping position at night, there are steps you can take to get in a better sleeping position.

1. Buy a CPAP Pillow

First, you are going to want to purchase a CPAP pillow. This type of pillow has cutouts on the side of the pillow that make it easier for you to wear your mask, as the tubing for the mask will fall more gently to the side of your pillow where the cutout is located, making it easier to get comfortable with your mask. These types of pillows are designed for sleeping with a CPAP mask and can help you sleep through the night.

2. Get a Longer Hose

Second, if you don't feel like you have enough freedom to move and get comfortable in your bed, your hose for your machine may be too short. You may need to invest in a longer CPAP hose so that you can move more freely around your bed and get comfortable. A slightly longer hose can go a long way towards increasing your sleep comfort.

3. Use a Hose Holder

If the hose on the machine gets in your way at night and you find that you wake up with your arms and body tangled up in the hose, you are going to want to get a hose holder. It is a small stand that you put by your bed that you can hang your hose on. That way, your hose is hanging up above you instead of laying on your bed, allowing you to sleep without worrying about getting tangled up in your home.

4. Different Mask Design

With a traditional mask design, the tubing is at the bottom of the mask. You may enjoy a different mask design. Some modern masks have tubing at the top of the mask frame, where it is more out of your way and less likely to annoy you when you are trying to sleep. Try out a different mask design and see if that improves your quality of sleep.

Or you may want to try a nasal mask, which is a smaller mask that takes up less space. They also tend to stay in place better and don't slip off when you are sleeping.

If you are not getting enough sleep with your CPAP machine, you may not have the right accessories to facilitate a good night's sleep. A CPAP pillow can make it easier to sleep with your mask on. A longer hose can give you more freedom to move around, whereas a hose holder will get the hose out of your way when you sleep. Or a different type of mask may be what you need to enjoy quality sleep with your CPAP machine.

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