Choosing Cap Options For Your Surgeons And Nurses

The opening of a new surgical center is always a good thing, but it can be a busy time as you and your staff get everything in place and power through the inevitable growing pains. Choosing uniforms or scrub requirements for your staff is generally one of the more straightforward tasks, though choosing the types of caps you want to use can take some consideration. You can choose between reusable and disposable, and also between regular surgical caps and bouffant caps (the shower-cap-style head covers). All of them have good points, and some may be more appropriate in some situations.


One situation where you really want the cap's style to be appropriate is when you're dealing with children. Customized scrubs, with pictures of cartoon characters, landscapes, sports, and so on, can help make the environment in a hospital or clinic less intimidating to children who may be dealing with nerves on top of whatever conditions have brought them in.

Reusable caps (both regular and bouffant styles) can be customized. Disposable ones are usually plain and have a very practical air about them, but they can also seem too institutional. If your staff will be dealing with a diverse population including children, customized reusable caps are a good choice.

Liner Options

Reusable caps can be lined to keep sweat from falling into the wearer's eyes and to protect sensitive skin from irritation. If you've got someone performing surgery, you don't want sweat to interfere with their vision. Having a liner in the cap stops the sweat from moving and absorbs it so it no longer bothers the wearer.

Easy to Use

One area where disposables win, especially disposable bouffant caps, is in ease of use. These fit over most hairstyles and can hold very long hair, and you don't have to tie anything to get the cap to stay on. The elastic band on the disposables holds the cap in place easily.

Skin Sensitivity

However, the elastic band on disposable bouffant caps can pull at hair and irritate skin, and these caps can't be lined. Again, in this case, you may want to have cap styles that can be lined.

Of course, you can have a couple of styles available. But it's good to have styles that you know your staff will be fine with wearing, rather than getting a bunch that people will just complain about. Check with medical supply companies like Saruni Industries to see which types they offer.