What To Consider When Shopping For A Lift Chair

If you have a hard time getting back on your feet after you've been sitting a while, then a lift chair might be for you. A lift chair looks just like a regular recliner. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics, so the chair you choose will blend right in with the rest of your furniture and be suitable for guest use. However, the big benefit of a lift chair is that the back of the chair lifts from the ground so you are lifted onto your feet when you're ready to get out of the chair. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when shopping for one of these chairs.

Choose The Right Size

Just like a regular recliner is more comfortable if it fits your body, your lift chair will be more comfortable if the seat is the right width and height for your size. Comfort is not the only consideration. You want your feet to be flat on the floor, and your hips to be over your legs as the chair rises, so your weight shifts properly onto your feet.

When you sit in the chair, your back should press against the back of the chair while your feet rest flat on the floor. The chair should be narrow enough that your arms rest comfortably on the chair's arms so you can use them as support while you stand. You should choose a lift chair size in the same way as a wheelchair size for optimum comfort and safety. Consider your height, weight and body width to choose a chair that fits well and has an appropriate motor.

Infinite Position Option

Some lift chairs have an infinite position option. These chairs have two motors. One motor operates the leg rest of the chair and the other operates the back. This allows the two parts to operate independently so you get a wider range of motion with the chair. This is an important consideration if you'll use the chair for sleeping, or if you need to raise your legs higher than your heart to reduce swelling.

Chairs without infinite positioning just have one motor. As the back reclines, the leg rest raises. Some of these chairs recline part of the way, while others may open up to a full reclining position. When choosing your chair, consider how you will use it. If you buy a comfortable model, you may spend a lot of time napping or sleeping in the chair. In that case, a chair with infinite positioning would probably be worth the extra expense.

Also, when shopping for the ideal lift chair, don't forget optional features. You can buy a chair that massages your back or provides heat. Some chairs come with convenient cup holders and magazine racks. Above all else, be sure to choose a chair with controls that are easy to operate so you can rise to a standing position with a simple push of a button. Talk with a provider like Corner Home Medical to choose your lift chair.