Four Great Benefits Of Walk In Therapy Tubs

If you have an elderly loved one who can use some excellent therapy, you can put a smile on their face by giving them the gift of walk-in tubs. There are a number of spa style tubs that you can purchase for them that will provide a number of health benefits. By making sure it is a walk-in tub, your loved one can still enjoy the perks of the tub, even if they have some physical hardships or limitations. Read on to learn about the benefits of walk in therapeutic tubs.

Benefit 1: Hot Tubs Are Great In Beating Arthritis

If your loved one is elderly, they are more susceptible to intense arthritis pain. By purchasing your loved one one of these tubs, you are helping them in their battle against arthritis, because hydrotherapy is excellent in minimizing the pain associated with arthritis. You can purchase custom walk-in tubs with various jet settings to actively fight against the arthritis pain.

Benefit 2: Hot Tubs Help With Infections And Overall Pain

Another health benefit of purchasing your loved one a spa tub is that they will have a better chance of bouncing back from an infection or injury. Because these tubs bolster the amount of blood flow, it also means that immune-boosting white blood cells will operate more effectively. Further, taking a soak in the hot tub increases the amount of good endorphins that circulate through your body, which serve as natural painkillers.

Benefit 3: Hot Tubs Are Excellent For People With Diabetes

If your loved one has diabetes, spa tubs are known to help. Studies have shown that type II diabetes patients who soaked in a hot tub for a half hour 6 days in a row with a one day break, were able to lower their insulin doses and experienced noticeable weight loss. They were also able to experience fuller and more sound sleep.

Benefit 4: Hot Tubs Promote Relaxation And Positive Mood

When you allow your loved one to use a hot tub or aromatherapy, they will see an overall increase in their mental health and emotional state. Aromatherapy has been known to create feelings of euphoria, well-being and relaxation. Some tub dealers will also sell you some excellent oils to use in the tub which will add to the effect.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits that your loved one will enjoy if you give them the gift of a walk-in tub. Begin shopping for a tub today so that your elderly loved one enjoys these boosts in their health and overall well-being.